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Recommended Books
and Music


                  Recommended Reading                      Click on the icon to download the book list

Here is a list of reading material that may provide some useful insights and background in developing an understanding of the life experience in which we are currently participating. We do not necessarily endorse the authors' works in their entirety, however, we find these specific works both worthwhile and thought-provoking. We hope you enjoy them as well!

Some of these books can be found in our Lightfield Lending Library, which is located in our office. Clients may check out one book at a time for a period of 30 days and renew it for an additional 30 days if desired before returning it. Ask your operator for more information about our Lightfield Lending Library at your next session!



                  Recommended Music                          Click on the icon to download the list of music used with Lightfield™

Music has a fundamental relationship to geometry (as does all of the material Universe, including time itself).  In fact, if you were to plot musical chords in three-dimensional space, you would find that the chords define specific geometries.  The music employed in connection with the Lightfield™ unit contains no subliminal messages or hypnotic design. It is simply a variety of commercially available music which has a common characteristic with respect to certain geometries being present in the music. 


The Benefit of Listening to this Music After a Session:


After an individual has gone through the Lightfield™ unit at least one time, they will find that listening to any of the music from our approved music list through a high-quality stereo headset will have a significantly positive re-centering effect. This effect will not be as profound as experiencing a session in the Lightfield™, but the client will find it significantly helpful in revitalizing themselves when feeling tired or depressed.

The individual does not have to hear the specific music selection that they heard while in the Lightfield™ unit for this effect to occur. Any of approved music will produce this positive effect because of the presence of specific geometric patterns characteristic of the approved music, which the individual's consciousness will associate with the experience of making a connection to their highest level of awareness. If an individual has never gone through a coherent field such as that present in the Lightfield™, this unique effect will not be experienced - it will simply be an experience of listening to pleasant music, no different from what is normally experienced by anyone else.


NOTE: It is important that the music be listened to through stereo headphones rather than simply open speakers, and from a CD source rather than an MP3 file (MP3 files lose some of the important characteristics of the music when the music is converted into that abbreviated format). 

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