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Meet the Lightfield Staff



Being involved in a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization is a labor of love.  Those of us, who have been called or drawn here from some yearning inside of us, feel like we have been endowed with a sacred trust to help others who are looking for more meaningful ways to live their lives more fully.

We all felt guided by the Love of the Universe to be here.  Maybe it was in the stars!

The original founders who started Lightfield Foundation (members of the Newkirk family and other collaborators) really wanted all of humanity to be able to enjoy their inalienable rights to use their creative abilities to make their lives more fulfilling.  They knew it was important to relax and let those creative feelings rise.  So they, like all of us on our staff, realized the importance of our work and the gifts that we offer to everyone. 

It was their collective longing to help people that led to the birth of the Lightfield Foundation .

Current Lightfield Team

In the past we ran our operations like a traditional business with a President at the head of it.  Over the last year we have decided that our business model needed to change.  The scope of our work is very broad after all.

So now we collaborate as a team and share the duties and responsibilities to even out the load.

Eddie Harada & Marika Ray

Eddie and Marika moved to the Chester, MA area in 2010 to become volunteers.

Eddie has a B.S in  both Math and Physics. He is an Electrical Engineer by trade, having worked for decades in Silicon Valley as a hardware, software and audio engineer.  He oversees, implements and helps with:


  • participating in many technical system upgrades

  • fine-tuning the music frequencies

  • maintaining heating & cooling systems

  • taking care of the technology systems

  • shepherding over the office computer and other equipment systems

  • implementing the new remote session protocols and Zoom meetings

Marika has two B.A.'s in Communications and English.  She previously worked in marketing, advertising and promotion on the West Coast.  She also was a website designer.  With those skills she brings a lot of administrative oversight including: 

  • working on the Lightfield website

  • creating the Lightfield newsletter

  • collaborating with and training Lightfield volunteer operators

  • building a Lightfield community thru in-person and online events

  • implementing office procedures

  • watching over the physical building maintenance

  • staying personally connected with clients 

Cher Lemire

Cher found her way to the Lightfield Foundation in 2014.  She became completely absorbed and fell in love with the technology, the staff, the mission and its potential.  She joined the staff in 2017.  Her contributions include:

  • scheduling and communicating with all the clients

  • lining up volunteer operators to cover shifts

  • maintaining the office files

  • supervising the office appearance

  • making sure we have a constant supply of clean linens

Together we make up the Lightfield Team!

2019-088-25 Eddie and Marika at Tanglewo
2020-09-21 Cher Lemire 545.jpg
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