Join Us for Our Monthly SECOND SATURDAYS Potluck

Join us at a private home in Holyoke.  MUST RSVP to receive address and contact info.


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Saturday February 12 from Noon to 4pm Eastern 

We are really excited to continue our Monthly "Second  Saturdays" (NOT Sundays) Lightfield Potlucks through the winter for 2022.  We invite Lightfield clients and their families and friends to join us in-person in this warm and welcoming setting!!  

Potluck Information

Plan to come and bring along your favorite food to share.  No food sign-ups are necessary.  Just come and share some food and talk to us about whatever is on your mind and heart!  All  opinions and expressions are welcomed and honored.

We will have balloons waving in the breeze along in front of this private home to help direct you where to turn into the driveway and/or find parking along the street. 


For more information

If you have any questions, contact Marika Ray at or call 603-630-6835.


  • Please fill out a food description card upon entering along with a name badge.

  • If possible, please bring your own serving dishes and plastic ware so that we don't create extra waste for landfills.

  • We will meet, mingle and munch for the first hour or more.

  • Then we can finish eating by about 1:30pm.

  • After that time we will gather outdoors, if the weather allows, to chat and snack.

  • If the weather is inclement, we will stay in the lodge to share and talk. 

Please donate any amount to this  volunteer and homeowner for their kindness!

Fare Thee Well Meadow w Single
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