Join Us for Our Monthly "Second Sundays" Potluck

Fare Thee Well Wholeness Center

Sunday, May 9, 2021 Mother's Day from Noon to 4pm

We are really excited to continue our Monthly "Second Sundays" Lightfield Potlucks for 2021.  We invite Lightfield clients and their families and friends to join us safely in-person in this healthy setting!!  

Fare Thee Well is a non-profit organization located on 37 gorgeous acres of public land between Huntington and Northampton, Massachusetts along Route 66. 


We will meet in the lodge. It is less than a block away from the parking lot at 153 Pond Brook Road in Huntington, MA right along Route 66.  


Health & Safety

We will again be bring our air purifiers and surface sanitizers from  They are 99.98% effective in eliminating viruses, including all types of coronaviruses, bacteria, mildew and mold plus odors and chemicals in the air. We will plug them in the lodge during our potluck to assure your best possible safety and health concerns.

Potluck Information

Plan to come and bring along your favorite food to share.  You can sign up to let us know you're coming at Perfect Potluck.  We have the full details at our Events page on our website. 



You can sign up for what to bring at Perfect Potluck. (when there you will use Coordinator's Last Name: Ray and Password: Grace to enter the website) and tell us how many people will be coming with you and what kind of dish you would like to bring.  We will have balloons waving in the breeze along Route 66 to help direct you where to turn into the driveway and parking area. We can then gather outdoors to share our journeys.


For more information

If you have any questions, contact Marika at or call 603-630-6835.


  • Please fill out a food description card upon entering along with a name badge.

  • Please fill out a food description card upon entering along with a name badge.

  • If possible, please bring your own serving dishes and plastic ware so that we don't create extra waste for landfills.

  • We will meet and mingle for the first 30 minutes.

  • Then we can finish eating by about 1:30pm.

  • After that time we will gather outdoors to chat and snack.

Please donate any amount to Fare Thee Well for their kindness in letting us come on Second Sundays!

Fare Thee Well Meadow w Single
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Be sure to set your GPS for:

153 Pond Brook Road

Huntington, MA 01050

On Route 66 between Huntington and Northampton, MA

Drive to Parking Lot near the Lodge.

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