Lightfield Foundation makes sessions available to the public without charge. In order for us to continue our mission, we ask that those who appreciate Lightfield's importance help to support via donations so that we may continue to serve you.  Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate a different amount or make an appointment without donating, please contact to schedule your session.  A complete In-Person Session appointment takes an hour and 15 minutes; A Remote Session appointment lasts about 55 minutes.

In-Person Lightfield Sessions


Sessions consist of two parts:

  • Reclining in the Lightfield unit surrounded by harmonic music, embedded light and sacred geometries;

  • Standing on the Grace unit embellished by high frequency light and geometries.


or contact us at (413) 354 6430

Remote Lightfield Sessions


Just as the moon’s gravitational pull affects us whether we see it or not, Remote Sessions demonstrate that an information field has the property of non-locality. With a personal photo, signature and birth date placed in the Lightfield and Grace units, clients recline in their own home or private space anywhere in the world, and experience the powerful restorative effects of an in person Lightfield session. 


or contact us at (413) 354 6430









If you book your appointment via our online scheduling system, you will receive:

  • An initial confirmation email

  • An automatic email reminder 4 days before your appointment

Please note our Cancellation Policy.

It happens, we know, but we do require 48 hours advance notice so that we can fill the spot.  We have lots of people who are eager to have sessions and, with enough notice, we are usually able to fill cancellations. You can use our online self-scheduling page to cancel or reschedule your appointments. Please take a moment to look over our cancellation policy.

To contact the operator:

Please call our Chester office at 413-354-6430 and leave a message.  The phone ringers at the office are turned off during client appointments so as not to disturb the sessions.  If you are running late or need to get a message to an operator, please leave a voicemail.  The operator will check messages periodically.

*Please arrive on time*

Many of our clients travel great distances, so please try your best to be on time.  We almost always have back-to-back appointments and cannot extend your session beyond your time slot.  We also ask that you wait to enter the office until 3 minutes before your appointment time.  If you arrive early, please wait outside the office.  Thank you!

Client Consideration

We ask that clients not wear perfumes, cologne, or essential oils to sessions. Some clients are sensitive to smells that can linger. We appreciate your cooperation!


You may want to bring a sweater.  The office is kept cool for the equipment, so it helps to layer up all year round.


You can schedule up to one appointment per day, provided there are daily openings on the calendar.  There is no recommended number of sessions or frequency.  Listen to your intuition and do what works best for you.

A note about Covid protocols

Please note we are following state recommended guidelines for Covid and providing a clean set of sheets (top and bottom) for each client in the Lightfield unit. We are also in the process of installing a high quality air purifier. 

Lightfield Foundation

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