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Your Health and Safety is Important to Us!

During the past few months we have been working diligently to ensure that your health and safety are protected as best as possible. We are very excited that we have recently found an excellent technology solution that will give you the confidence to know you and your health are safe at Lightfield! 


These portable technology units were designed for NASA by HypoAir, a Texas company.


Their products have undergone many rigorous tests at many universities and in major lab studies over 15 years. They have been proven to eliminate viruses including SARS and Coronavirus strains, bacteria, mold, allergens and more plus odors and chemicals.

HypoAir products are proven to rid both air and surfaces of up to 99.99% of ALL Contaminants 24/7

Unique Sanitization: Not only do these units purify the air of contaminants 1,000 times smaller than HEPA filters, this technology also kills viruses, bacteria, and mold on surfaces like door handles, countertops,  walls and even fabrics.

Proven Results: Every hour somewhere in the world, over 1 billion cubic feet of air is now sanitized with  revolutionary technology.

Innovative Efficiency: From outer space missions to your living room or offices, our NASA-developed nanotechnology provides the purest air possible with the least amount of cost.


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Discover technology that purifies and sanitizes air and ALL surfaces as it protects your health 24/7!!

HypoAir Germ Defender.jpg

Meet the Germ Defender from HypoAir!

Keeping the Lightfield restroom safe for you!

Angel Air-700x700.png
Sanitizing the air and all surfaces in the office area of Lightfield 24/7!!

Introducting the Angel Air from HypoAir

Angel Air is sanitizing the air and all the surfaces as it protects your health in the office area at Lightfield!

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