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The first few videos and an audio Interview showcase Marc Newkirk's understanding of Information Fields and their significance and role they play in the Lightfield technology. These videos and audio interview are here to help you expand your awareness of cutting-edge concepts on the forefront of the convergence of physics and metaphysics.  Mark was the founder of the Lightfield Foundation.  He passed away in 2019.

Below these videos and the audio recordings is our "Meditation Mondays" video.  This video was created for us by Ingrid Nevar, one of our Lightfield operators and by Gray Baldwin, a Lightfield client and music therapist.  We posted it here for those who wanted to use it for their meditations.  Plus we have added two new audio files to give you more background information on Lightfield and Grace technology.  Those last two audio files are about 30 minutes long.

Marc Newkirk gives a talk on Scientific Evidence of Metaphysical Truth

Alan Steinfeld, the host of NewRealities 

interviews Marc Newkirk, President of The Lightfield Foundation.

Marc Newkirk talks about the accumulation of stress, information fields, the nature of reality, and cutting-edge technologies.

2010 Spring Peter Roth Radio Show -
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Peter Roth, host of Progressive Radio Network's Energy Stew, interviews Marc

Newkirk on the subject of consciousness and its relationship to energy and matter.


During our Monday Meditations on the first and third Mondays every month at 7pm, you can ground and connect  into the sovereign embodiment of your Merkabah energy body. When you imagine yourself there in that kind of an energy body,  you can set some meaningful intentions.

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Light 'N Up Podcast July 2, 2021

All of us have experienced the stress of this last year from the lockdowns, its ensuing chaos and have seen how those circumstances have forced each of us to re-evaluate everything and to reach for more and better ways to improve our individual and collective lives. Find out how to change your life. Booking a Lightfield session is one of the best ways to create and re-design your life the way you want it. 

2021-07-25 Be the Change You Wish to Be.MP3
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