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Join our  "Meditation Sundays" Online with Zoom                                       
1st & 3rd Sundays EVERY MONTH from 7-8 pm plus on ANY Month that has a FIFTH Monday!

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On the first and third Sundays every month, we will now be offering Meditation Sundays.  The hour entails grounding, visualizing, intention setting, followed by a 21- minute meditation (where you can join us in silence as we listen to some Lightfield music) and it ends with an invitation to share your thoughts.  It's a great way to get centered and to meet some like (or should we say "light"?) minded friends!








Ingrid Nevar, who has led many meditations including our very first Solstice Mediation on December 21, 2020, is your facilitator and guide for each meditation.  Please mark your calendars NOW for the whole year or set a scheduled alarm on your cell phones right now!  Meditation dates.


The Benefits of Meditation


Let's face it, over the last year stress has become a major pressure in all of our lives.  Meditation gives us a simple, pleasurable way to let go.  Even science has evidence.  Two studies have been done by Harvard, plus MRI images show relaxation responses, and the Mayo Clinic shows meditation reduces stress.


Here are the many ways science says meditation can help you.


  • Reduces stress

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Improves sleep

  • Lessens pain

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Strengthens your heart

  • Enhances your emotional wellbeing

  • Expands your self-awareness and intuition

  • Reduces depression

  • Restores memory

  • Improves adaptability, problem-solving skills and communication

  • Helps build better relationships

  • Supports leadership skills

Join us twice a month to meditate

Plan to join us as you effortlessly and simultaneously connect into the wonderful calming energy of the Lightfield and Grace to meditate on the first and third Sunday every month this year. 

If you sign up for our monthly email newsletter (link below), you will get automatic notifications.  Plus, you can also sign-up to schedule an  in-person or remote Lightfield session from anywhere in the world more often.  It's an effortless way to enter a meditative, calming and relaxing state.

Self-schedule a Lightfield session online NOW!

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