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Lightfield Operators

Listed in alphabetical order by first names. Click on each name below to find out more.

Cher Lemire

Ingrid Nevar

Meet our Awesome Lightfield Volunteers! (Page in Progress)

Our operators are all generous, kind and open-hearted people who volunteered to serve as operators here at the Lightfield Foundation.  They went through several days of training, listening, absorbing information about Lightfield, learning operator protocols and then doing some one-on-one training with a seasoned operator.


They  willingly give their time and talents. They are brilliant, dedicated people who are there to guide you and answer your questions when you have a session. 


Since we now do quite a few remote sessions, we wanted you to be able to get to know more about them and have a way to thank them or just say hello. Please click on their name on the upper left and the link will take you to their photo and bio. 


We hope you enjoy meeting them and we encourage you to drop them a note of appreciation if you are called to.

2020-09-21 Cher Lemire 545.jpg

Cher Lemire, Scheduler and Operator

2021 Feb Ingrid Nevar photo.jpg

Ingrid Nevar, Meditation Mondays Host and Operator

Ingrid, who hosts our Lightfield Meditation Mondays at 7pm, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, serves as a Body (and Light) worker, Biofield Researcher, and as a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter,(since 2002). She/they are also a Quantum Universe enthusiast and life-long contactee. They employ several modalities that help bring people back into their natural state of sovereign coherence and optimal functioning.  In addition to Usui Reiki and Massage, (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone, and Rotisserie). They also offer Biofield Tuning, (BT), in this endeavor. In BT, they use weighted and unweighted tuning forks to detect and address energetic imbalances in the bio/auric field, retrieving fragmented parts of the self, reintegrating them through the chakras, bringing presence and equilibrium back into the body and field. Sessions are available in person and remotely. In bodywork, they sometime combine the use of weighted forks to enhance massages, using them to address trigger points, back, hip, or knee issues, or to establish a deeper sense of relaxation during the massage. They also offer combo packages consisting of a tuning and then a 60-minute massage, or an integration of several modalities, that help speed-up the integration and coherence in the body.  

Their rates range from $50-$150, depending on the service.  You can find them via the practitioner list at, through, (Go With the Float, in Easthampton, MA), or directly via text at 508-897-9119, also on Instagram as ingridnevar:  Instagram Link

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