Where did the Lightfield  technology come from?


The Lightfield technology was developed by a world-class inventor, Marc Newkirk. Marc was an ivy-league graduate from Brown University and materials engineer with over 1,000 patents worldwide to his name. (Interestingly, Thomas Edison had 1,093 patents in his name in the United States.)

How can sessions in these technologies help me?

The combination of science and metaphysical information is a perfect match if you are ready to explore new frontiers and far-reaching possibilities by immersing yourself in these amazing energetic fields, known as information fields or light fields. Over the ten years we have been in business, both of these creations have been found to:


  •  Help reduce stress easily and effortlessly

  • Create an environment where you can quickly drift into relaxation

  • Let you enter into a natural state of peace and inner silence

  • Connect you to a deep inner quiet and even a welcome feeling of calm

Compared to meditation and yogic practices, the technologies we offer help to quickly and easily release tension, anxiety and stress without effort and without tracking your thoughts or postures. It's like taking an internal vacation!

Why are calm and quiet important?

It’s a well known fact today that 83% of all U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress according to The American Institute of Stress. Lightfield technology offers easy, graceful solutions to help you let go of the worry and frustration that comes from stress.

Can the Lightfield technology help me feel re-energized?

When your stress is released, you begin to relax, feel energized and rejuvenated. It’s like getting your internal battery system recharged so that you can be more productive, more creative and open to new ideas. Then new directions in your life can then begin to emerge because you are open to connect to the fulfillment you were meant to have.

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