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Lightfield™ Technology

Background and History

In the early 1990s, Russian scientists became convinced of the existence and properties of an additional class of a non-physical field in physics. These fields went beyond the gravitational, electric, magnetic and strong and weak nuclear attraction fields associated with our traditional science. Historically, all of these latter categories were recognized by the mainstream scientific community as capable of creating surrounding influence on us as human beings. The newly recognized field type that is now utilized in the Lightfield, is in essence, comprised purely of information or ideas. We have, therefore, come to refer to such fields as "information fields".


The Russians recognized that the biofields that surround every life form (auras are an example) are themselves purely information fields. They are continuously generated by the consciousness of the individual.  Eventually, the Russian scientists developed technology known as GDV bioelectrography for imaging such biofields. They indirectly used a computerized variant of the phenomenon, known as Kirlian photography (originally discovered by a Russian husband and wife scientific team for which the process was named).

Those same scientists did some of the seminal work for understanding information fields and their character. That lead them to develop a technology capable of stripping the information content from an electromagnetic signal input and projecting a field compromised solely of the information extracted. This principal is utilized in the Lightfield™ unit, wherein information is stripped from music and light inputs and projected into the unit, creating a field of harmonious information.


Non-Physical Characteristics

As in the case with the human biofield, the Lightfield™ information fields have non-physical characteristics. Neither audible sound nor visible light are present. Rather, the ideas that comprise their spiritual essence are present. The information fields projected into the Lightfield™, and its complementary Grace unit, have a property of coherence. When an individual is placed within a coherent information field, he or she begins to reconnect with his or her higher awareness and begins to let go of stress accumulated during the process of living. Coherent information fields are also produced in other processes like group prayer or intentions and meditation.  Our biofields are also effected by  the presence of certain physical geometries described since ancient times as "sacred geometries". Sacred Geometry is an important component of the blueprint of all of creation from the unmanifest to manifest worlds and is the basis of all material creation and consciousness.

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