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Let your body and mind relax so you can create the life you want!

This past year has been filled with stress and uncertainty for all of us.  Fear and doubt make it hard to find clarity and peace of mind. So why not let yourself find out what it's like to enter into a state of deep relaxation that requires no effort?

Let go of your to-do lists.  Let all the overwhelm and stress you've been carrying just disappear as you recline in Lightfield or stand in Grace. Both are technologies that create fields of energy that are calming and soothing.  Come make an appointment and re-discover instant, effortless, relaxation at the Lightfield Foundation. 


Not only can you take an inner vacation in an hour-long session in our two technologies but you can experiment with your own awareness to create a better life! 

By relaxing in the silence inside, you can use your innate creativity to start manifesting the life you want.  Start connecting into your inner awareness. The inner silence inside you lets you find your path and find what makes your heart sing!


Watch this 4-minute video about Lightfield 


Come to our office in the quiet, quaint rural town of Chester in the beautiful Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts for an in-person session.  Or choose to do a remote session from your home or anywhere in the world where it's quiet! Both will bring the same relaxing results!

Imagine experiencing calming relaxation!

Let yourself slip into a sense of deep satisfaction and meaning in your life.  Through relaxing music and soothing energies, let our science-based technologies assist you in discovering new roads to connect to your creativity and fulfillment when you book an appointment.


We invite you to explore the relaxing inner quiet.  It's like going into a meditative state where it feels like someone else was doing the work to help you feel that blissful, relaxing inner silence!! But all you have to do is lie down and close your eyes!!  It's much easier than traditional meditation or yoga. 

Come take a vacation from health worries or risks about viruses too!

Our office now also has state-of-the-art air purifying and comprehensive surface sanitizing equipment that eliminates 99.98% of all viruses (including COVID, SARS, MERS and more). All surfaces including door knobs, countertops, furniture, wood, metal, carpets and all bathroom surfaces are constantly sanitized.  


You can relax knowing that your body and health are safe and secure here at Lightfield.  These units give you the confidence that your health is protected 24/7 when you come for an in-person session. Designed for NASA for outer-space missions, this equipment has been thoroughly tested at leading universities and major laboratories for 15 years.   Just one more reason to relax with us!

Find out more about protecting your health at Lightfield with our sanitizing equipment made by HypoAirRead more.

How can I find out more about Lightfield technology?  Read more.


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Lightfield creates an environment where you can quickly and easily drift into relaxation

Grace allows your chakras, the energetic fields along your spine, to re-align and give you more vitality adding to your relaxation!!

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Ready to feel effortless relaxation from anywhere in the world?

Now Offering: In-Person &

"Remote" Lightfield Sessions

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