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Enjoy the soothing

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The Lightfield Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to help you move beyond the mundane issues of life as you reach for more calm, less stress and deeper satisfaction and meaning in your life. Discover new roads to creativity, productivity and fulfillment when you use our technology.


Come visit us in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts where you can step back into a time and place that lets you unwind and let go of your everyday stress. We offer you both in-person sessions and remote sessions from your home or from a quiet place anywhere in the world!


Priority Health and Safety Measures

Our entire office is constantly sanitized and the air is purified with U.S. technology developed for NASA so you can rest assured knowing our Sanitizing Standards have a laboratory-proven 99.98% effectiveness to bring you peace of mind and health! This proven technology from HypoAir purifies the air while sanitizing all surfaces at the same time.  Read more.

Where did Lightfield technology come from and how can it help me?  Read more.

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Ready to feel effortless relaxation from anywhere in the world?

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"Remote" Lightfield Sessions

Lightfield creates an environment where you can quickly and easily drift into relaxation

Grace allows your chakras, the energetic fields along your spine, to re-align and give you more vitality

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