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"If you surround an individual who has his own information field (aura) with a coherent field that is more coherent than his own, he will drop distortions and his own energetic field gets progressively stronger and more coherent. The field effect initiates a reduction of stress-load distortions and an individual progressively remembers who he is. All beings in an unstressed state have an innate self-healing ability that is virtually limitless.

-Lightfield Founder, Marc Newkirk

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The Lightfield  Technology uses sacred geometry, 432 hz music and an aspect of light to create an environment where you can quickly and easily drift into relaxation.  We offer both in person and remote sessions.


The Grace Technology
balances the chakras.

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There is one Lightfield Unit in the world. It is located in the quaint town of Chester, MA.

A Special Announcement:

The Lightfield Foundation will be closing down its office at 14 Main Street at the end of the business day on March 7, 2024. From there we will be making preparations to relocate the Lightfield Foundation and its technologies to Rhode Island in the upcoming months ahead. We are most grateful to have brought forth these amazing life-changing technologies in Chester, MA and to have served the local and extended community during the last 14 years. As the next chapter for the Lightfield Foundation begins, we will be able to serve a larger community and population by relocating to Richmond, Rhode Island. Stay tuned for more details as this move unfolds. Please be sure to subscribe to our campaigns for more information about re-opening once we are settled in our new location.

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