Join us for a SAFE indoor potluck on Sunday NOVEMBER 8th from 1pm to 4pm at Fare Thee Well

Our first potluck in October was a success! So, lets do it again! :-) 

Keeping Everyone Safe! 


We will bring our portable air purifiers and surface sanitizers to the Fare Thee Well Lodge for the day to ensure everyone's health.  They are manufactured in the US for NASA and proven 99.99% effective on door knobs, walls counter-tops, furniture, floors and  more.  They eliminate viruses, including Co-Vid- 19, other coronaviruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and more.


Plus, we will be healthy as we gather in the fresh air outdoors.  Our goal is to be able to safely gather for everyone's peace of mind. 

Potluck Details

The extended weather forecast that day is in the low to upper 60's. Perfect weather! We do have some people coming who have difficulty walking so we may just open the doors and sit inside or on the veranda. Let's meet, mingle and munch with deep satisfaction.

. You can sign up for what to bring below at Perfect Potluck (see more details below) and tell us how many people will be coming with you.  We will have balloons waving in the breeze to help direct you where to turn into the Fare Thee Well Wholeness Center, right on Route 66 in Huntington,MA, just outside of Northampton, MA.  

What You'll Need to Bring!

We will meet and mingle for 30-45 minutes.  Then, we can begin filling up our plates and eat.  Please bring your own plate, bowl, cup and utensils to prevent excess waste.  Also bring your own serving utensils for the dish you contribute.  


We will provide fresh drinking water, napkins, tablecloths plus name badges.  We will most likely remain indoors, there are chairs in the lodge to sit on. After eating, we will gather in a circle to talk and share until 4pm.


There is ample parking as you drive into the driveway.  The lodge/cabin will be on the right approximately a half to a whole block walking distance on a dirt path from the parking lot.  Route 66 will be at your back.



Please donate whatever amount you want to support 

this event at Fare Thee Well, a non-profit 37-acre space

of wooded trails,  open meadows and beautiful orchards.

Open to the public.

Physical Address:  Fare Thee Well Wholeness Center, 153 Pond Brook Road (on Route 66), Huntington, MA 01050 

Facebook Page for Fare Thee Well

Sign-up for the Potluck.  AMPLE PARKING IS AVAILABLE.

REGISTER NOW to sign up and bring a dish:  PerfectPotluck.com
Coordinator's Last Name:
  Ray   Password:  Grace 


Note:  When you sign up at Perfect Potluck, please note that under where you put your name, phone and email, there are pre-checked boxes to accept 3rd party ads. Unckeck those IF you do NOT want to receive ads in your email.

Call or Text Marika Ray at 603-630-6835 if you have any questions.  Email: marikaray@att.net

153 Pond Brook Road
on Route 66
Huntington, MA 
(near Westfield and Northampton, MA)
Enter the driveway and follow it to the parking lot.  Then, follow the dirt path to the lodge, which is roughly the equivalent of a block or so away.
For Questions: Call Marika at 603-630-5835

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