The Solstice Marks a New Paradigm of Energy
Moving into an Aquarius Cycle!! 

Every 20 years there is powerful alignment of the planets, Saturn and Jupiter. They come into conjunction to signify uplifting new shifts in energy. You can think of it as a generational shift. Those two planets meet in the same sign of the Zodiac every 20 years over a 200 year period.  But this year in 2020, their conjunction signifies that we are entering for the first time into the sign of Aquarius and it is on a Solstice Day, which makes it even more extraordinary!!

Moving into Aquarius!

Aquarius, as you may know, is an air sign.  Air signs bring in quicker shifts in energy. Things are going to be speeding up.  So next week on Monday, December 21 we will be shifting to feeling this energy in an air sign instead of an earth sign.  Starting at that point we will be experiencing a new world view of our social and political structures, of our economy and our values.  So this is not only the start of a 20 year cycle but a start of a new 200 year cycle!!  The last time we experienced this Aquarian-influenced conjunction was in 1405 at the beginning of the Renaissance, a period of heightened creativity!!

It is interesting to note that Aquarius represents technological advancements, science, and the internet. All are the hallmarks of Aquarius – and they are all already here.  The Age of Aquarius’ ultimate goal is individual freedom and liberation.

Solstice Cycle completes on Christmas Day!

This conjunction and alignment of these two planets will complete its energy on Christmas Day!!  We feel that this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to meditate to connect to these transformational energies, then find that silence inside of you and allow yourself to set some positive, heartfelt intentions for you, for the Earth and for the entire Cosmos that we live in!!  

Feel free to forward this link on to your friends if you think they may be interested in participating in this meditation!

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Join Ingrid Nevar as she guides you through this extraordinary Solstice Meditation


Recorded on Winter Solstice Monday, December 21, 2020

Ingrid is one of our new volunteer Lightfield operators and an avid meditator.  She has led many meditations prior to this and is excited to share her gifts with you as she guides you on this solstice journey. 

Like many of our operators, she has some special skills that make her unique.   She is a Biofield Researcher and a Certified Biofield Tuner.  She uses tuning forks to clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks and issues. In addition, she serves as a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter. Plus, she employs several modalities that help bring clients back into their natural state of coherence and optimal functioning through her energy work which includes Usui Reiki and Massage, (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone, and Rotisserie). Ingrid has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. If you want to know more about her you can see her information here.  Or you can check her out on Instagram.



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