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About Us

Lightfield Technology is an answer to a human longing!

Over the millennia since mankind arrived on Earth, one of the main questions human beings ask themselves is: “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” The only way that longing can be answered is for each person is to find a way to tap into their own Higher Awareness to individually interpret that. Obviously, there is no one answer that would satisfy every person. It’s a journey of individual discernment.

Think of your Higher Awareness as a conscious tool to explore your life path. Consciousness is like using a light to explore where you are going. Whenever you shine that light on something you are observing and feeling internally or externally, you begin to be more aware of the bigger picture everywhere around you. Think of it as a light that lifts you into Higher Perspectives.

The founder of the Lightfield Foundation, Marc Newkirk, was an extraordinary scientist and seeker of truth. He was ivy-league trained and educated. He was highly respected in many areas of material science. He loved exploring both scientific and metaphysical topics simultaneously. For the most part, it seemed like he was trying to make sense out of the larger questions in life through using his own Higher Awareness to bring in new inventions to make the world a better place.

How are these gifts passed to you?

Marc passed away in 2019. Because he was so prolific and loved inventing during his life, those closest to him say that there was nothing more fulfilling to him than creating new technology. After having spent over 40 years of his career as an inventor and having his name on over a thousand patents worldwide, he wanted other people to have some of the same kinds of satisfaction and meaning in their life. He often talked about how rewarding it was to create.

One of the things he most wanted to share was how to use your own self-awareness or consciousness to let you manifest your longings through a process of tapping into coherent fields. If an argument, set of ideas, or a plan is coherent, it is clear and carefully considered, and each part of it connects or follows in a natural or reasonable way. Coherence also incorporates balance, symmetry and unity in fields of thought, which are referred to as “light fields” in torsion physics.

Explore your creative abilities

The technologies incorporated in Lightfield and Grace are Marc’s gift to let all of us explore our individual creativity. Through resting and relaxing in these fields of light, you can come closer and closer to tapping into your innate creative abilities, which are your God-given and your inalienable birthright to use. The purpose of the Lightfield and Grace are to serve as "training wheels" to assist you in reconnecting with the innate capacities believed to be present in all of mankind.


You may be able to experience that as:

  • increased perception

  • spontaneous awareness of untaught knowledge

  • self-healing capacities

  • higher physical abilities

  • expanded creative skills

The sacred geometries available in these units, plus the soothing music you listen to there and the higher vibrational energies inherent in the technologies, all represent a “blank canvas”. To simplify that even more, what Lightfield and Grace do is they create an energetic blank canvas for you. When you have a dream, an inspiration or a hope and then connect to your Higher Awareness through your imagination, each of your thoughts and intentions infused with the loving connection to your conscious awareness creates a masterpiece in your life.

So it isn’t Lightfield and Grace that create the masterpiece. It is YOU and your inspired Higher Awareness that are the true artists. Lightfield and Grace just provide the same blank canvas of energy or light for each person. Once you understand those creative abilities are yours to use and you’re satisfied, it’s no longer necessary to have sessions, you can bring your discoveries into life on your own!!


About Lightfield Foundation


Lightfield Foundation was incorporated in the District of Columbia, USA, on February 2, 2009. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been serving the public with conscious-raising and de-stressing technology since 2010. It is our mission to empower you in connecting you to your higher levels of consciousness using Lightfield™ technology. Additionally, the foundation is here to educate those interested about the relationships between their own conscious abilities as they relate to Universal energy and matter.

You can experience all of these gifts in our office in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts in the quaint and rural town of Chester. During your hour-long session you may feel a sense of revitalization and greater sense of well-being.


Many clients often report feelings of being energized with a greater connection to their Higher Awareness than was ever available to them before. We invite you to come and see for yourself. You can book an online in-person session or you may want to choose to do a remote session. Either way, the energy you will experience will be the same relaxing, soothing and energizing symphony reported by most clients.

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