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About Lightfield Foundation

Lightfield Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that has been serving the public with consciousness-raising and de-stressing technology since 2010. It is our mission to empower humanity by assisting people in connecting with their higher levels of consciousness using Lightfield™ technology, as well as educating the public about the relationships between consciousness, energy, matter, and the structure of the Universe. Lightfield™ technology uses information fields and sacred geometries to project a harmonious field into a space in which a client reclines for a session that lasts approximately between thirty and forty minutes. The client emerges feeling a sense of revitalization and greater well-being and often reports feeling a greater connection with their higher levels of awareness.


The Lightfield Foundation was incorporated in the District of Columbia, USA, on

February 2, 2009, as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, with the purposes of:

1) Developing and bringing into public awareness scientific understanding regarding

the relationships between consciousness, energy, matter and the structure of the

Universe, and 

2) Implementing and bringing into active use technologies which elevate human

consciousness and human potentials.



We live in a society which has come to believe that science shows man to be simply a biochemical organism randomly evolved by environmental circumstances, that human consciousness is solely a matter of brain chemistry and electromagnetic waves, that matter is substantial and the physical world quite independent of any aspect of consciousness, that health continually requires monitoring and intervention in order to be sustained, and that the Universe is a random product of chaos.

However, an increasingly broad array of credible scientific evidence produced by leading experts in their fields at World-class institutions shows these widely accepted beliefs to be false, pointing to a different reality: the spiritual nature of man, the non-locality and omniscience of consciousness, the non-physical nature of matter, the ability of consciousness to influence matter and the physical world, the natural character of health and the existence of an innate ability to heal ourselves of virtually anything, and a relationship of interconnectivity and order among all things that is pervasive throughout the Universe. 

Over the past thirty years, discoveries have been made that evidence the existence of a sixth fundamental field in physics (in addition to electric, magnetic, gravitational, and strong and weak nuclear attraction fields), with properties that link human consciousness, matter and energy in all of their manifestations, and define reality to be far more amazing, empowering and hopeful than what the World has previously been programmed by our educational institutions and the media at large to expect. The new paradigm that is emerging from the latest scientific discoveries indicates huge untapped capacities for mankind, individually and collectively, and the potential to realize our goals in a manner that is in concert with, rather than in conflict with, each other, the planet and the Universe.

Presently the Foundation relies solely on donations as the source of funding its activities. Our foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to reconnecting humanity with its innate capacities. We greatly appreciate any and all donations to this important mission, as we rely entirely upon the generosity of our patrons to enable our continuing activity. Our services are provided to you and everyone in the spirit of Unconditional Love. 

Foundation Activities

As its first priority, the Lightfield Foundation has introduced a technology that facilitates re-connection of multiple levels of consciousness (or awareness) that typically have become disconnected in most people during the process of living. The consciousness-raising unit embodying this technology is called Lightfield™. The purpose of the Lightfield unit is to serve as "training wheels" to assist people in reconnecting with the innate capacities believed to be present in all of mankind, such as increased perception, spontaneous awareness of untaught knowledge, self-healing capacities, and higher physical abilities and creative skills.

Lightfield Foundation Founder & Creator of Lightfield™ Technology

Marc Newkirk (1947-2019)

Marc Newkirk spent four decades at the forefront of science and technology. Educated as a materials engineer at Brown University, he was a prolific inventor, named on more than a hundred U.S. and nine hundred foreign issued patents. He founded or co-founded half a dozen businesses in the field of advanced materials based upon those innovations, in the areas of aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and mining and materials processing equipment.


He was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering in 1997 for his accomplishments in the development and commercialization of materials and process technologies. He was a recipient of medals awarded by Brown University and The Franklin Institute, the Application to Practice Award of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and the Real Advances in Materials Award of the National Association for Science, Technology and Society.


Marc Newkirk served on the Board of Directors of The Economic Strategy Institute and The Institute for Applied Composites Technology, served as President and then Chairman of the United States Advanced Ceramics Association, and served on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Friends of Health.


His primary focus was on the creation and commercialization of technologies that operate at the nexus between consciousness and what we perceive to be physical reality.  He created the Lightfield with the purpose of developing scientific understanding regarding the relationships between consciousness, energy, matter, and the structure of the Universe.  He sought to bring into active use technologies which elevate human consciousness and human potentials. Much of his work in the last part of his career was based on an understanding of information field theory. Though he unexpectedly passed in the Fall of 2019, he continues to send through his inspiration and support from the other side of the veil. 

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